Tips for Marketing in China

International business owners have been keeping a close eye on China in recent years, and with good reason. Social media and marketing in china have been undergoing some impressive changes lately, with more than 574 million mobile social media users in the country. Marketing to these users effectively requires some different strategies, though, which is why this article lays out some of the key points to take into account when communicating with Chinese audiences.

Cultural and Societal Differences

Every culture is different, and those differences extend beyond daily life and into the realm of social media. It is thus important that companies create targeted social media marketing strategies that take cultural and societal idiosyncrasies into account. When it comes to overseas marketing, there is no one size fits all approach.

A Personal Approach

One noteworthy trend that sets Chinese browsers aside is the growing popularity of chat apps. Taking advantage of these one-on-one conversation apps requires a new approach to social media marketing. This approach should focus more on organic content sharing of high-quality content than on paid marketing.

Know the Calendar

The big dates for consumer spending in China are very different than those of the Western world. Instead of gearing up for pre-Christmas shopping, companies that market to Chinese audiences should plan for Singles’ Day in November, a date that constitutes the country’s largest shopping day of the year. Local retailers start planning and marketing for this day at least a month in advance and also take note of cultural events such as the lunar new year, and international retailers who want to find success in Chinese markets should do the same.

Social Selling

Word of mouth marketing is absolutely essential in China, especially given the more highly regulated nature of the country’s mass media. That’s why it’s essential that marketers begin to research and understand the dynamics of social referral work within specific demographics or industries. This helps to move their marketing plans from social engagement to social conversion.

The Importance of QR Codes

Mobile commerce is increasing in popularity in China, with more consumers than ever purchasing products using their mobile devices. Marketers should keep this in mind and should utilize combined approaches that incorporate QR codes into traditional visual media.