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Three Weird Destinations To Consider On The Planet

Where you question a lot of people on the best place to travel, they will overly pinpoint London or even France. However, the true and enthusiastic travellers and adventurers will have another version. The best place to travel is that which you will have to find and not the obvious one. Through this article, you will discover more on the places that are unique and weird in the world for you to travel.

First and foremost, you should consider travelling or touring California in the US. This is the state or the place where you will identify famous Beach Made of Glass. Basically, many people are amazed whenever they travel to California as they get to witness a beach of trash that eventually turned and became a tourist attraction site. From the years 1906, the inhabitants of California used to dump all kind of waste, debris or clutter at the beach until the year 1967. After the years 1967, these inhabitants decided to abhor using the beach as their dumpsite and they cleared it.

Another weird place to visit in the world is the Rabbit Island that is situated in Japan. Few minutes from the Japan coast, you will find this Island and its full of these bunny rabbits. The Japanese used these Island to produce or create poison that they used during the World War 2. Bunny rabbits acted as the guinea pigs for testing the poison and determining whether its effective and efficient. Once they have tested the poison, it would be used against the Chinese during the war. Generally, after the end of the war, Japanese had to release these rabbits and they inhabited the island. The reason why these bunny rabbits have been in the island and has maximally increased in numbers is because there are no predators in the place. The rabbits are used to people nowadays and instead of running away when they see you, they will always run towards you for food.

The last place or destination to consider is the rainbow trees that is located in the Philippines. There are only there places bin the world where you could find these eucalyptus trees and that is Philippines, Indonesia and New Guinea. This trees are also known or referred to as the Mindanao gum. The bark of the trees and the leaves have a unique shedding process throughout the years and the climatic changes that help the colors emerge. Where the tourists are thinking about the colors, they tend to believe that they are photo-shopped.

The above info helps you identify three fundamental weird places to tour. There are other multiple places that you can consider but these three will avail a tremendous experience. Thus, ensure to plan a tour to these destinations for a remarkable encounter.