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Taking Medicine Without A Pill

For kids, medicine are availed in a sweet, liquid and bubble gum form. When you grow older, the medicine will now come in a pill form. For this reason, many people are sued to taking pills as he most usual form of medicine. Many people are not aware that there are other options which are available. In case you happen to be one of the people who hate swallowing pills or you have trouble when doing so, then you need dot know that there are other alternative methods which you can be able to get your body what it needs. This article contains some useful information about various methods which you can be able to get the crucial medications required by your body.

The first alternative that you can get medication into your body without using the usual pills form is by troches. Troches are the next best things to the pills. Troches come inform of pill and they can either be swallowed, chewed or placed under the tongue where they will dissolve. troches are most prescribed for those children who are young and cannot swallow pills and to adults who have problems with the traditional method of pills intake.

You can also take medication in powder form. The mix in powder can be used by people who can swallow the pill forms. The powder is almost the same as the one which is utilized in making lemonade or iced tea but the only difference is that the powder will be prescribed and given in the right dosage which you will need to mix with water before you take it. You will have the same powder which will contain the medication and one that can also be easily mixed with water for consumption.

Injection is another method which you can take medication. All over the world, there are so many people who fear needles. For those who dent have the fear, then injection is a quick as well as easy way through which they can be able to get the required medication. One of the reason why injection are considered to the best way of taking medication is that it is directly injected to the blood stream of the patient and thus aiming the effect instant. Injection prescription are taken on daily basis and they mostly last for a week. This implies that the patient can have a single injection every month at the clinic and thus there will be no need for them to have to remember taking the pills daily.

You can also take medication in lozenges. Lozenges are the kind of medication which are similar to those kinds use.