Balloon Decor And Centerpieces For The Wedding

One cannot deny the fact that we love balloons, and we relate them with happy, fun and whimsical celebrations so the question arises how can we forget balloons during our wedding decorations. Balloons represent happiness and colorfulness and indeed they are incredibly elegant and yet affordable.

Balloons can be seen popping out in every wedding as people are fanatically opting decorations as a must have for their weddings. The best thing about balloons is their availability in different colors, sizes and shapes which further can be accessorized with tassels, ribbons, foliage, and flowers. And to add more elegance and glory to the decorations glitters and calligraphy accents can be used.

Whether you looking forward for fun factor or keeping your event chic and classy, they can be used in diverse ways to make your wedding decoration a WOW one.

Below listed are the ways to use balloons in your wedding decor.

1. A Giant DIY Heart of balloons: A giant heart made up of balloons is something that makes a great impact on your wedding decorations. That giant heart can become the picture point for your guests.

2. Rainbow of Balloons: A rainbow of balloons floating just above your dining table would make your wedding dining experience at heaven. After it is installed completely it truly looks like a work of art adding elegance to your wedding decor.

3. Balloon Garlands: Balloon Garlands are gaining popularity day by day as they are not only incredibly beautiful but easy to install and yet affordable. Be it the main entrance of your reception hall or an empty corner, garlands is one of the best wedding decor options for you.

4. Balloons on the getaway car: The thing which is so commonly decorated with flowers and bouquets can now be beautified by adding balloons on it. Wedding getaway cars are so common yet unnoticed that people don’t pay heed to decorate them, but adding balloons to it will actually increase the glory of your wedding decoration.

5. Wall Decoration: As it is said Go Big or Go Home! Decorating the entire wall with balloons is a great decor idea that you must check out at your wedding and it is the best way to overwhelm your guests with the decorations. to make it more elegant you can mix up balloon sizes and colors as well.